Automotive Dealerships

Automobile Dealerships

Lee & Associates Valuation and Consulting Services offers specific expertise in automotive property types.

Automobile Dealerships are a special group of retail properties specifically designed around the display, sales, service, parts and repair of vehicles. New vehicle dealerships are designed and built according to specific and exacting standards for a wide variety of manufacturers. The size, layout and finish of the various areas within the structure must meet the manufacturer’s specific goals and criteria.

The automotive industry considers more than simply just the building in its valuation of an asset. The size, location, visibility and access to the property are of considerable concern. Furthermore, competing dealerships, as well as local and regional supply and demand factors are also noted. Local and national trends in income, demographics, traffic counts and vehicle sales are all relevant in the valuation of motor vehicle dealerships.

The experience and expertise required to value this special class of assets can only be gained over many years. Our team has toured hundreds of dealerships and inspected millions of square feet of showrooms, parts departments and service areas. In addition, interviews with dealership buyers, sellers, property owners, brokers and lenders were conducted as part of the appraisal process. The value conclusion is more than simply a number; it provides an insight into the risks and rewards of the overall market.